About iCheckit – Domestic & Commercial Electricians Perth

About iCheckit

iCheckit is a family owned Perth based Electrical Contracting company which was established by company director Colin Little in 2011 with a simple mission to provide reliable service to all business and residential clients in the Perth metropolitan area.

iCheckit has a focus on Customer Service and a desire to provide value for money. iCheckit’s core business is in residential electrical repairs and maintenance for both real estate agents and private clients. Along with this service is our commercial sector providing portable electrical Testing & Tagging and Thermal Imaging.

With new legislation now in force and it continually changing, iCheckit can provide legible work with Testing of RCD’s and Smoke Alarms and electrical repairs whilst keeping up with the latest legislation.

iCheckit uses its modern Database to give clients the traceability and accountability that is so often required by companies of today, together with the relevant qualifications to legally do so.

To know more - or to touch base with us, call iCheckit on (08) 6271 0088 or drop an email to us at info@icheckit.com.au.
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